about kimkreisart

I paint in my home studio, listening to contemporary Christian music or  "watching" classic old movies like The Quiet Man or Casablanca for the thousandth time.

Keeping multiple paintings going at once is a must because I like to stand back, look,

work on another and come back to the first! I have waaay too much paint because I overdo supplies...

they are beautiful to me...most of the time I squeeze tubes and tubes into big glass jars so I can actually see the colors for even more inspiration.

Poppy, my 2 year old champagne curly Golden Doodle, stays close by, preferably at my feet which provides me company and reminds me to take breaks!

I am married to my best friend, Bill, the mother of three grown children, two wonderful sons in law and Yaya to Charlie, Marigold and Finley, I live in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama in a quiet community of trees, lakes and horses. This peaceful setting is filled with constant inspiration of flora, fauna, and many birds and woodland creatures!

I come from a 28 year background (1988-2016) as co founder and designer for Sweet Pea Designs fine personalized stationery. (www.sweetpeadesigns.com) We were on the cutting edge of introducing  stationery that was so much more than simple white papers...it was about "an experience" each time a gift card, announcement, invitation, etc. was created for the special occasions of a family's life!

Designing beautiful, personalized stationery also taught me so much about being an entrepreneur and the joy of creating from my home...something once realized I knew I would want to continue.

...with this background I brought my love and appreciation of color, whimsy, and character to my newest stage of life...contemporary art.

As an "emerging artist" I have to pinch myself that I have painted now for almost 4 years! I not only enjoy the painting but truly adore the people I am meeting and growing to know!

I invite you to join my early access email group where I will contact you, not too often, about new collections or something I am learning. Thank you for spending time on my site and, of course, I hope you come back! XOXO

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